Paul Allen’s yacht Octopus is still going strong

Paul Allen’s  yacht, Octopus launched in 2003 became world’s largest yacht in the whole world. In 2012 it is still one of the biggest superyachts our world has ever seen. Featuring two helicopters, two submarines, one of each was recently used in a marine biology study, a premium swimming pool, music studio used by Paul Allen and it’s famous friends (celebrities) and of course, a basketball court..

Paul Allen's yacht on the way

The size of Octopus measures 413-foot. Paul Allen owns another yacht called Tatoosh, in the same leagues as Octopus, but slightly smaller.  Oracle’s Larry Ellison has a even bigger super yacht called Rising Sun and measuring 432-feet long and it is fifth largest in the US right now. Paul has to stay behind on a 6th place, but it is still quite an achievement only a handful in this world can be proud of. And if the chart includes only private owned vessels, then Larry’s Rising Star is ranking second in the world.

Paul Allen's private yacht

Paul Alen’s Octopus in Reykjaik

Paul Allen is also using his Octopus for some nice celebrity events, like playing on a guitar with famous rockers Jon Bon Jovi and Robbie Robertson and presenting his own show in front of them. He is now 41st richest man in the world and her can afford to held a parties like this onboard his precious toy. The Octopus yacht cost in excess of $200 Million when it was constructed and yearly expenses run over $20 Million.. Getting that converted in a weekly numbers it is exactly $17,472 per week for this kind of pleasure.

octopus yacht helicopter comes with yacht

Paul Allen recording studio Octopus Yacht

But he often shows her generous side, and he has donated over $1 Billion to date for various causes. Even if he donates a million each day, Paul Allen wouldn’t have problems to remain super rich to the end of his life…

Paul Allen’s yacht Octopus filmed – Amateur video:

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