Following photos: 10 – 11) Some other shots of the Octopus yacht

Octopus yacht

Octopus yacht

This yacht is also called megayacht thanks to the unrepeatable dimensions and its real worth. It is the best choice for anyone who belongs to this world of rich and famous. It is the perfect luxurious shelter where you can hide from the madding crowd, your fans and the stubborn photographers.

Drift away, alone, or with your family and friends as a company and see all what the ocean has to offer. That is the reason why there are so many stars who have spent their recently earned millions in such a luxurious resort as a yacht is.

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2 Responses to OCTOPUS YACHT – DISCOVER MANY OF THE SECRETS od 200 Million MONSTER Superyacht !

  1. Frederick "Bo" Haycox IV says:

    Very Interested In an employment Position On you Vessel. My Latitude of skills and accomplishments will be a investment to your travels. I can assure you Please have your PR person personel contact me so I can forward a complete list of aqccomplishments arount the world, along with articals and pictures. I would be honored to have a position on your Yacht. Any information requested will be submitted forwith.
    In advance I thank you for your time.
    Bo Haycox

  2. Dear Octopus Owner Mr. Paul G. Allen.

    Here are a number of busiess units under the Restricted Management
    corporation umbrella. Business unit products range from wheeld and track
    combat wehicles, to large naval surface ships, to a broad range of
    electronic, communication and information technology products.

    Please advice of your interest in this information and in Restricted
    Management. At this time, only one Restricted Management┬┤$ business unit
    is represented in Monaco.

    The Restricted Management Bank

    Mr. Jeans Fredric Meatelli
    Corporate director international affairs & draconist

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