Conferences are an unavoidable part of doing business. Conferences are an excellent opportunity to learn from the greatest in your area and network with new people no matter what sector you’re in.
Let us tell you a secret: real-life human relationships are still stronger than those created on Instagram. To meet like-minded individuals and grow your professional career as an influencer, we highly encourage in-person networking and attending blogger conferences.

Bringing together a successful conference for travel influencers

Look no further for the top blogging conferences, trade exhibitions, and travel events.
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Let’s talk about the what, who, when, where, why of blogger conferences.


Travel conferences are in-person activities that bring people from the industry together to debate on a certain issue. They can last between one to five days and usually include a few panels of speakers as well as a keynote speaker. Attending a conference depends on your capacity to attend; some blogging conferences are by invitation only, while others need you to sell yourself as a journalist. If you are approved as credentialed media in these circumstances, you will almost certainly not have to pay to enter.
Themes in the travel business are discussed in conferences. There are some focused on bloggers and others that are industry events in the hotel and tourism industries. It doesn’t matter whatever sort they are, because you’ll almost certainly meet individuals who can assist you form future collaborations and obtain industry expertise to assist you to progress your career.

2. WHO

We encourage blogger conferences to everyone who is serious about growing their impact in the tourism industry.
The beauty of blogging conferences is that you can go at your own speed. If you’re not comfortable networking in person, you’ll benefit from listening to what the panelists have to say about the travel industry and applying what you learn to your own business.


The big benefit of blog conferences is that they take place throughout the year. The larger conferences will offer you about a six-month head start on planning, so make sure you mark them on your calendar so you can plan your schedule around them.


There are conferences all over the world — Berlin, London, New York, Miami, Austin, Quebec City, Sao Paolo, Singapore, China – you name it, and there’s probably one near you (or not too far away) that you can attend. For the super-organized traveler, you can even plan your vacation around a conference you’d like to attend or a press tour you’d like to take.

5. WHY

Because it’s necessary to take a break from all things social now and then to reconnect with people in real life. In-person, the most significant connections will always be formed. These conferences are also a fantastic way to pick up new skills, methods, and expertise in this field. Because there is no such thing as an “influencer and travel blogger school,” travel blogger conferences are the next best thing.
You need to work with tourism boards, travel businesses, and locations if you want to be a successful travel blogger, writer, or influencer. Many tourist board members and their public relations teams attend these events, and depending on the style of the event, they may even pay for their own booth. These are the ones where you’ll meet the decision-makers on the destination and brand side if you attend an industry-style conference.

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